Sunday, October 7, 2007

EZ Mount!?!

I have been a horrible blogger! It has been 6 days! I have been so busy! So remeber I was hit with that horrible cold, wouldn't you know it, I get it better and BANG everything happens at once! My father drove out from Calgary on Wednesday to spend some time with me and my children and take me out for dinner on October 5th for my birthday! How cool is that? Drive approx. 11 hours to take your daughter out for dinner, above all it was a great steak dinner! Mmmm....Milestones. It meant alot to me as I do not get to see my father as much as I like to as he is in Calgary and I am in Abbotsford (for those of you who don't know, about an hour out of Vancouver.) Dad left Saturday morning, and Mom and her man took me out for my birthday dinner, what did I pick again, steak! (the kiddies were out all weekend) I had some good old adult time all weekend it was great!

It is Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada so we will be having Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday as I have to share my daughter with her father and he will have her for dinner on Sunday! Mmmm....I love turkey. Dinner will be at moms, so that leaves no mess for me and good eaten all weekend!

Onto some stampin' business! I finally had some down time today after I had picked up Trevor, he was watching a Pokemon movie. I decided that I was getting quite a collection of Bellas and that I should mount them all before if seems to overwhelming to even bother. I hadn't started when I first got them as I did not have any EZ mount. I decided again getting a hot knife as I was told that why waste your money on that when you can use a good pair of scissors and get them all sticky then clean them off. "It works just as good" also "more money to spend on Bellas!" Well that convinced me. Anything more Bellas! So now a couple of my Bellas look like they have gone through a chop shop! What is so EZ about the EZ Mount? If anyone know you can let me know! But hey it does not matter what my Bellas look like it matters what the stamped image looks like to me! If anyone wants to laugh they really don't need to use them!

There is my finished products. I even got some other stamps mounted with the not so EZ mount too! I will eventually do more...but I think that is enough for a bit as I was getting so frustrated and I have to wait for my LSS to get more in!

So because the is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I am thankful to be Canadian I think that is a cause for blog candy! I do not have it ready today, be on the lookout for it tomorrow and think about what you are thankful for!


Corie said...

Happy Birthday!!! WOW, your Dad is great -- he drove 11 hours for you. And 2 steak dinners -- bet you had a GREAT Birthday.

Katie said...

Look at all those lovely Bellas!! I think they need me to come play with them! LOL..

Happy Thankgiving!!