Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inque Boutique is in the House

All I can say is my LSS Urban Trends Scrapbook Co. in Abbotsford rocks! I went in there yesterday just to touch base with the owner, as my kids have put me on a only can buy 2 items diet, and she has got Inque Boutique Stamps! And the best part is they are not that expensive. I was going to buy 2 Bellas but I ended up buying a Fella (for my son) and 2 Inque Boutique sets!

This is the first set that I picked out. Isn't it cute? I thought it would be a good choise with the holidays coming up and all. This set is called Let it Snow. Can you beleive that I got this set of 21 stamps for under $11.00 CAD? That is the best part.

If you have Christmas images you need Christmas saying so I couldn't give up this set too. It is a mini set even though you cannot tell from the pic. It is considerably smaller and cheaper. Under $3.50 CAD. WOW! The bonus part is there are 19 stamps to this set. This set is called Mini-Christmas. I should be set for Christmas stamps for this year but I am sure I can find more.

So, want to know how I managed to 3 items at the store? Ah, this Surfafella is for Trevor! I cannot walk into Urban Trends Scrapbook Co. and not walk out without at least one Bella / Fella. I love them all.

I am off to ink up some of these great new stamps. I hope to have something for you later!


Cindy said...

ahhh yesterday I didn't think I needed any inque boutique stamps and now suddenly I do! Thanks a lot! LOL

Theresa said...

I picked up one of those sets to try too!!! Have fun!