Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Great Deal @ Michaels

>With the kids back in school today I decided to wonder around Michaels by myself because it had been so long since I could do it by myself! I always cruise the clearance section cause there could be something new in there even though usually it is a big mess. I came upon the greatest deal! Disney Brass stencils! I don't know if any of you still dry emboss but I love it and these stencils are adorable. They are regular $4.99 on for $1.50. I thought that was a steal so I picked up one of each that were there. Wish there were more!

Ooops there is a glare but you get the idea. So how cute are those? So I wondered farther up to the till and found out that another set of Studio G clear stamps had come out too. So I sifted through those too. I had all morning I thought the kids were in school. I ended up with 7 packages of those. 1 ended up being a double which will end up being blog candy at a later date. So check out my score.

Well, I am pretty proud of myself. I walked out of Michaels only spending $7.50 and thinking that I grabbed a great stash and lots to play with. Especially with the kids having a full day back at school tomorrow!

The Queen of Scrap

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Theresa said...

Nicely done!!! Those acylics are gone so quickly... I'm going to have to get in there!!!