Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Got the Biggest Happy in the Mail Yesterday!

You know when you have just one of those days! I think yesterday was one of them. I thought I had lost my bank card, then had to go get some money off my mother (thank goodness I have a mother who will do that!) which in turn mad me late to get a coffee at Tim Horton's before my Dr.'s appointment. It is the whole snowball effect! I have not got mail in days as I have been waiting for my business number so I can go on building my business and been a little down on the whole mail issue lately too. So I get home yesterday, mind you I knew this was coming, but not this great of a package, and I had a package from my blogging friend Patsy over at Paper Blessings! Have I told you how much I love her blog? I know I have, but it is great! Also, I have just figured this out, on her Bellas, they are not colored they are PAPER PIECED! Wow! How cool is that? I was wondering how she matched everything so perfectly! Oh yah, onto my package, I have never got a RAK or a Happy in the mail before in my life so of course this was totally exciting even though I knew it was coming! But then I opened it and I will be content until the cows come home! Patsy is great, and I got more than I knew I was getting and it was the awesomeist package to get on a horrible day! Ok ok I would love to get this on any day! So what did I get you ask? I can't just tell you I have to show you!

First, here is the card I got from Patsy! Now do you understand why I love all her work! If you look closely Bella's dress and scrapbook bag are paper pieced! I love the colors of green and purple together!

Second, Patsy sent out some Bellas that I did not have. Who cannot appreciate Bellas? I am so happy too as I have no Fellas and now I have two Fella images. I may just have to oogle over them!
Third, out came many, many images from Stampin' Ups Happy Healing set. I love that set. I love penguins and this one is so cute. I will eventually have to get the set myself but it is hard to come by. Patsy sent me so many images I will busy for a mega long time with this set.

Fourth, check out this mini accordian book, all handmade too! It is perfect for the winter season. I love it! What is right up there with penguins? Snowmen!

And last but not least, check these little paper dolls, there are 2 of them with shirts, shirts and overalls and of course hair. I am so excited, I have never had any of these either! I have a sizzix just not these dies!

Want to know the best part about getting these uber awesome package yesterday? I finally got my stuff sorted around and I can scrap and make cards again! So I guaratee that this fun stuff will not sit unnoticed and neglected.

Thank You so Much Patsy!

Check Out Paper Blessings!

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