Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Goodies!

I got some new goodies the other day and I purposely went and took pics to show but forgot to pst them. I think it is because I have not been feeling the greatest since then! Taylor (my daughter) seemed to give my her flu. > Good enough explaination for no posts lately? I will hopefully have some stuff to show as I have to justify buying this stuff right? Bind-it-all! I put my deposit down on this a couple months ago and it finally come in! Well when it came in I didn't have the money to pay the rest. Murphy's law right? I am totally excited! I started a project with pics of my niece right away and the next day I was right back at the LSS needing help! I guess that is what happens when you don't read the instructions!

New $1 Michaels stamps! (Up here in Canada they are $1.50) I didn't get them all! I really only picked out the ones I liked. I had no Halloween stamps at all! You can't get any cheaper than that!

The Essential Glue Pad >>> must have been essential all right! I have been waiting for eons for this baby! Like I went to 4 or 5 different stores looking for this every couple of months. Can you believe that? Hot item! It just so happened that I was standing in Urban Trends Scrapbooking when the box came in and I got it that way. Good thing I have no life and can loiter around my LSS!

Of course, if your LSS sold Bellas could you walk out without one? I was going to buy a Fella but I compromised and bought Retailfellabella! I even had to call my poor sick Taylor at home and confer with her on this. It was a toss up between this one and Cruisabella! This one is quite cute though! I also got the sayings "you glow girl" and the "priceless" saying I can't remember the whole thing right now!

Last but not least, our LSS now carries My Favorite Things Stamps too! I didn't know which ones to buy! To many I settled on the set "Simply Said" with all the sayings for now because I never have the right sayings and now I can say I have a set of My Favorite Things Stamps!

Well I guess I should get of the computer and get some stamping done and show you some work!


Scrappy Moments said...

Oh You got some fun treasures there. I think everyone has been under the weather lately, hope you are feeling better soon. I just love your blog, how very Inspiring :)


Theresa said...

Oh look at all the shopping fun you had! I too grabbed a couple of the MFT sets!!!
Happy binding!