Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finished My Summertime Tags

Well, I have finished my Sumemrtime tags and I am actually quite proud of them. Trevor helped out alot! He cut them all and he thought of the idea to stamp the sun on off of them. If you look closely at them you will see that I put glitter around the sun and on top of the bottom ribbon. I hope the girls over @ Swapheaven like the tags. I made a couple extra just in case I messed them up too. It is amazing sometimes what I can do when I put my mind to it! Check them out!
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Now, I have to start my B&W Bella Swap! What a great way for me to get some extra Bella images right now. The only thing was I had to go out and buy some black Staz On. I had any other kind of ink but that.

While we were in Michaels Trevor wanted something, I thought I was doing good saving 40% with my coupon. Of course, he wanted something totally messy. Floam! OMG! Has anyone out there actually been crazy enough to buy that stuff? Never again! It was on the carpet, all over Trevor, all over my bathroom, all over me, all over the kitchen and never even did what it was supposed to do. What a complete waste of money.

Trevor is getting so bored it is unbelievable...I am getting behind on my challenges over at Creative Crafts & Stickers and I want to pack up my swaps, pack up some ebay stuff. Arrrgggghh, frustrating. We are going to pick up Taylor in about 15 minutes so hopefully Trevor will have someone to play with....or for that matter fight with. Wish me luck on that one. If I get a headache it is not like I will be able to lie done. I do live in the famous home of the Abbotsford Airshow. All the airplanes are coming in.

It will be loud around here until the end of the 12th! Us people that live in Abbotsford hate it! People don't watch where they drive, people don't know where they are driving and it is way to busy! I have lived in Abbotsford all my life so this is nothing new.

Let's see...whoever emails me @ with an event that happens in their city/town with the link to verify it will be entered into a draw to recieve a RAK worth Approx. $10.00 from me. This contest will be open until August 31, 2007.

Have a great day Ladies! Happy Scrapping!

The Queen of Scrap

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Allison said...

Hi Jen! We are having the town's annual old car show here in our hometown of Bothwell this weekend.

Here's the link...

It's dated Aug 10- Aug 11 towards the bottom of the page.

Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!!!