Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Journaling Tips #1

1. For a pet page, do your journaling in a dog bone shape for a dog or in a mouse shape for a cat. Or make a diecut in those shapes big enough to hold a photo or two or do your journaling on the diecut shape.

2. Trace a child's hand or foot print and fill the inside with facts about the child. A neat little way to journal.

3. The best way to journal is with your own handwriting. Remember that as long as your handwriting is legible, it will be appreciated by future generations. If you really hate to use your own handwriting to journal, use clear labels. Pick a font that matches layout and journal away. Fit all on label and then print it. Because the labels are clear, they let background paper or designs show through.

4. An option to keep your journalling straight is to draw your own faint pencil lines with a ruler and journal with acid-free pens. When you are finished journalling and the ink has had a chance to dry, erase the lines.

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