Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wreathabella - A Christmasabella

Another new Bella! They just keep coming and coming! That is good for all us Bella Addicts. I personally love my Bellas! How about you? Now how cute is Wreathabella? By the time I can make an order there are going to be so many new ones I am not going to know which ones I am going to want! Thank goodness my LSS Urban Trends carries Bellas so usually it makes it easier on me and I buy what Teresa has in stock :) But I am hoping she will get this one in! I am sure it will be there! Well I have 6 days to work on some 6 x 6 pages for Great Grammas 80th Bday album. Off to get something accomplished!

Happy Scrapping!

The Queen of Scrap!


Rose Ann said...

Oh shoot...I missed that Wreathabella. Well...I know what is going on my list for next time. ;)

Theresa said...

Yes, Teresa already knows about the new Christmas bellas, so she much be bringing them in!!! Yippy!!!