Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ribbon, Ribbon Everywhere.....

How many of you llllooovvveee ribbon? I know I do! I love buying it too. Any kind of ribbon, printed ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, twill, ric rac you name I will buy it. Do you really need the color, the pattern, that width....sooner or later you will so buy it anyhow. I have have some up with the solution! Confessions of a Ribbon Addict! Jody Morrow is hopelessly addicted to ribbon as well as many other stamping related items. Check out her blog and maybe you can convince her (and put your $$ in) to get in on the Ribbon shares. Jody's ribbon currently comes from May Arts! Wow...can it get any better than that? Not only can you get in on some shares on Jody's blog but you can check out some great cards that she has made. Jody you have done some great work!

Good Luck Ribbon Shopping!

The Queen of Scrap

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texasjodylynn said...

Well thank you very much! :) Welcome to my blog and I look forward to being able to feed your ribbon addiction very soon. LOL



Confessions of a Ribbon Addict